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by staff

Browse the full May 12, 2022 issue. Download a free PDF of the print issue.

Northwestern audiologist Jasleen Singh uses a prestigious new grant to research how self-fitted over-the-counter hearing aids might connect more people with care.

Two green-tinted monochrome steam radiators, labeled "Fig. 267" and "Fig. 98" in the style of an academic guide

How to tell by listening whether your steam radiator is healthy, out of alignment, or harboring a dire malefic presence

Chicago has quietly expanded the surveillance technology’s footprint—but it’s still disproportionately listening to Black and Brown communities.

an illustrated television with the Netflix logo and the word subtitles with a check mark next to it, all surrounded by a pink and purple glow

Not interested in Rosetta Stone or Duolingo? Try subtitles.

Ele Matelan performs foley on mike in Halloween III: Season of the Witch, part of the 2016 installment of It Came From the Neo-Futurarium

The Chicago foley artist explains the history and practice of the craft that gave us slapsticks and thunder sheets.

A collage of four photos: a painting of a figure in Bulls gear with a halo on a red brick building, car-crash debris on the street and sidewalk near a post and a light-colored brick building, an aerial view of a car crash involving a CPD SUV, and a colorful child's sidewalk drawing of a unicorn with a rainbow tail

What does a neighborhood sound like? And what does that mean?

Englewood rapper Heavy Crownz blends art and community organizing.

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