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COVID-19 turns prom into a promenade — at Soldier Field

by staff

Very little about the this year’s prom for seniors from the Chicago Noble schools could be considered typical. But it will certainly be memorable.

Prom for about 3,000 seniors at the network of 17 public charter schools is taking place Friday and Saturday at Soldier Field, with each school getting 45 minutes to join their classmates at the iconic stadium, strut their stuff and take photos against the iconic skyline.

But they can’t gather too closely, since social distancing is in effect, meaning no dancing. And no heels were to be allowed on the field.

“The premier location and special effects will make a night to remember!” the school network said on its website, adding that though there was to be no dress code, “we will be rolling out the red carpet and hope our guests will dress for the occasion.”

Juan Carlos Rodriguez II, a senior at Mansueto High School, one of the Noble schools, earlier told the Tribune he planned to wear a tuxedo for “a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

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