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Ask Amy: The customer isn’t always right

by staff

Dear Amy: This week, I was fired from a customer-service job. I had only been at the job for three weeks. The incident leading to my firing happened when I was exhausted and caught off guard by a very young customer who was angry about an answer I gave her. I was not at my best but tried to steer her to my manager. The girl refused to see the manager and Tweeted about my company and me that night. The next day, I called my supervisor to alert her about the angry customer. I was shocked to hear our headquarters caught wind of the Tweet, which stated that I was unkind to this customer. I am a compassionate person and about three times her age (about 20). Tell your readers to count to 10 when they are angry, even if they are “right” in a commercial situation. It is a test of character to know how to complain about people.

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